Building Corporate Intelligence

Credible brand leaders see corporate intelligence as one of their key marketing assets. They understand their market better than their competitors and customers. Achieving this requires a comprehensive corporate intelligence strategy that becomes part of your brand culture.

Literally Brilliant can help you to develop and implement a corporate intelligence strategy for your business.

The general objective of establishing a strong intelligence culture in the business is to have a better understanding of the market than other players within the market. Specifically, intelligence will allow the company to be aware of market trends ahead of customers, suppliers and competitors. As such, the specific objectives of the intelligence strategy are:


The three key pillars of a Corporate Intelligence strategy are as follows:

  1. Strategic Advantage is delivered by obtaining intelligence from more sources than the competitors and customers
  2. Strategic Advantage is delivered by gaining a better understanding of the relationships between the different sources of intelligence
  3. Strategic Advantage is delivered by building a long term understanding of trends over an extended period of time


Processing Intelligence

The fundamental principal behind building corporate intelligence is to access more sources of information (and more data sets) and then process that data and information more comprehensively. This involves taking different information and data sets, overlaying them and confirming common reference points to allow extrapolation. The information is thenmined for new insights. Information and data collection is broad and is collected patiently with a view to the outcome that may be possible. Processing of the intelligence is comprehensive with the discipline of overlaying making it possible to convert data sets into information and information sets into genuine corporate intelligence.

One of the intelligence assets that will distinguish your business from its competitors and customers is the building up of a unique understanding of how different data sets relate to each other.

In addition, a commitment to long term strategic thinking will be reflected in an approach to intelligence that is focused on the long term. Building corporate intelligence requires the maintenance of comprehensive records of the same measures over time and constantly focusing on looking for long term trends. Old data has limited value on its own but that old data as part of a long term data series is priceless.


Developing and implementing Strategy

Literally Brilliant can help your business establish and implement a corporate intelligence strategy that is appropriate for your company and industry.

Building corporate intelligence can be implemented organically over time. It can be implemented through the establishment of a series of standard reports to be published quarterly and another set published annually. These standard reports often can be set up to be automatically updated when the base data is updated.

New initiatives can be added periodically and in accordance with needs to expand the intelligence base. Where appropriate and possible, historical data sets can be retrieved in order to establish existing trends.

Proprietary market research should be briefed and procured in such a way that it addresses immediate research needs whilst also adding to the total corporate intelligence base.

Most companies have unique insights into their market. Literally Brilliant can help you identify them, use them and turn them into a competitive marketing advantage.


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