Sales and Marketing Team Reviews

Literally Brilliant has experience in helping you get the most out of your sales and marketing team. Literally Brilliant addresses structure, skills and performance. These reviews can include the crucial relationship between the sales function and the marketing function within your organisation. This relationship is vitally important for success. Sales drives commercial success whilst marketing generally drive strategy and brand equity. However, the two functions often experience conflict between the short-term objectives of sales and the long-term objectives of building brand equally.

Literally brilliant can also undertake reviews of the sales function or the marketing function in isolation.

Sometimes it is important to have experienced external reviewers check to see that sales teams are put together logically and in a way that delivers strong commercial outcomes for the business. This includes reviewing incentive schemes to ensure that they do not encourage destructive behaviour.

Similarly, marketing teams can become unproductive when they lose sight of strategy. A marketing team should not be focused on the services it can deliver but rather the outcomes that result from their work. Is also important to ensure that the marketing team does not become obsessed with creativity for creativity’s sake. It is all about strategic outcome.

Literally Brilliant has been very successful helping firms to restructure their teams and implementing change that delivers results.

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