Brand Story Development

Literally Brilliant can help you find the value and competitive advantage in your company’s brand.

A logo is not a brand but rather a memory hook or reminder of a brand. Similarly, visual identity (how a pack looks on shelf) is also a memory hook or reminder of a brand. Products with good visual identity are recognisable on the shelf even when the logo is covered.

A brand is the narrative that surrounds a company and its products. It incorporates mission and it incorporates culture (how the employees talk about the organisation) but mostly it is a consolidation of the stories customers are telling about the company. The challenge is to be able to take control and develop a well-articulated narrative around the organisation, who it is, what it stands for, what it does and why. This is sometimes referred to as “brand story”.

Often there can be different versions of the brand story if there is a difference in the narrative of different stakeholder groups and this can lead to confusion about what a brand stands for. This means that the greatest challenge is to consolidate and unify the different narratives in the company; the narrative of mission as articulated by the board or owners, the narrative of culture (what the employees say about the company) and the customer narrative (which reflects every aspect of their interaction with the organisation).

Good brand management is about taking control of the narrative and guiding it to a position of constructive outcome. To do this, brand owners must first have a strong understanding of the existing narrative, be able to identify the important aspects of that narrative and how to influence that narrative through a consolidated story that resonates with relevance.

It is also important to harmonise the multiple narratives. If the multiple stories are different, or worse conflicting, then the brand is unsustainable. This is not only about messaging; it is also about having the will and the means to deliver the brand story.

There is a process for doing this. This is the Brand Story Development processed created by Literally Brilliant. This process involves discovery, research, narrative development, testing and implementation all underpinned by mentoring. This means that the business is intimately involved in the process making buy-in easier.

Literally Brilliant can help you to discover your company’s brand story and show you how it can drive competitive advantage for your business.

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