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Literally Brilliant is a strategic marketing consultancy business that focuses on helping companies to understand their essence and giving them a cohesion of purpose that is all about delivering value to their customers.

  • Understand your brand promise in narrative form (to help you focus on what makes your company “Brilliant” in the eyes of your customers)
  • Set up your business to deliver your promise consistently (being “Literal” in your commitment to the brand promise)
  • Articulate your company’s long-term goals, medium-term objectives and short-term priorities (and the link between them)
  • Identify ways that your company can add value to what you do for your customers
  • Discover ways to protect what makes your company different
  • Provide a roadmap for implementation that ties initiative to issues and outcomes
  • Get you started from a Zero Base and build up

Have Business Purpose

Does your business have a single purpose that unites your team in everything you do? We can help you develop that culture in your business based on understanding what makes you brilliant in the eyes of your customer. If you understand what they value about your offering, you can value it in your own team. You can make that your purpose – something that will add value.

Staying Visionary

Are you caught up in the day-to-day running of your business without the time to think about where you are going in the long-term?

We have a simple tool to help you realise visionary long-term goals by aligning your short-term immediate priorities to those long-term goals.

Be Different

Do you feel as though you are selling a commodity, that you can’t achieve a fair price or you are being undercut by competitors? If so, do you really understand your value proposition? Do you understand what you do that adds value to your customer. Literally Brilliant can help you understand your core value and communicate it to your customers.