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Helping your business to be Literally Brilliant

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To be brilliant you must live out your brand story literally every day

To be brilliant you must live out your brand story literally every day.

This means that companies need to understand their own brand story; what it is about their offering that separates them from the competition and resonates with the customer. This is about understanding your own story, what makes you valuable and what makes you different. It’s about understanding your story and being able to articulate your story. Importantly, it’s not just about what you say, it’s about what you do. Every person in your organisation must live out the brand story; everybody participates in keeping the promise to the customer.

What does it mean to live out your brand story “LITERALLY”? This is all about alignment. Your strategy and your brand story are interdependent. Your brand story is at the heart of your business strategy. This, in turn, allows your business strategy to be at the heart of your marketing initiatives. Living out your brand story “LITERALLY” means living it out to the exclusion of everything else. It is about not doing the things that are at odds with your brand story (and therefore at odds with your strategy).

Companies that know their brand story, can articulate it and can live it out every day – those companies that can put brand story at the heart of their strategy and can focus on their strategy exclusively, they are the companies that can be BRILLIANT…. LITERALLY BRILLIANT

LITERALLY BRILLIANT is a strategic marketing consultancy that can help your company be literally brilliant. We can help you to understand your brand story, articulate it and then align your strategy to allow you to live out you brand story with conviction.

Our typical engagement model is to work alongside your business over an extended period to help you to hone and adjust your strategy to address implementation in a dynamic and changing market environment.

Our process focuses on providing long-term support and advice in the context of some well-established and successful methodologies.

The "Literally Brilliant™" Process – The Literally Brilliant™ process is about helping companies to understand what makes them “Brilliant” in the eyes of their customer. We help them to articulate that brand promise in a narrative form and then organise their business to deliver that brand promise with literal focus. Read More…

TenTwoSix™ Planning – A process for understanding your long-term (10 year) brand goals, medium term (two year) objectives and short-term (six month) priorities. Read More…

Brand Story Development – Central to the Literally Brilliant process is understanding what makes the company brilliant in the eyes of its customers. This process helps companies to understand what differentiates them from their competitors and delivers the value to their customers. This becomes the brand promise. Articulated in a narrative form, this brand story is the very essence of the business. Read More…

ZBOO™ (Zero-Based Outcome-Orientated) Budgeting – Implementation of a marketing/brand strategy requires the activation of a string of initiatives that will result in the desired strategic outcome in the longer term. As quickly as possible, these initiatives should be measured to determine if they are going to achieve the outcome desired. But how can the implementation of strategy be set up in such a way as to measure outcomes and respond? This is a key to success – and is at odds with so many traditional approaches to marketing strategy. Read More…

Thought Leadership & Advisory Boards – Literally Brilliant has developed thought leadership programmes for many of its clients, often culminating in the establishment of advisory boards. Read More…

CoP Culture™ (Cohesion of Purpose) – At Literally Brilliant, we believe that company culture is central to sustained success. Good company culture is characterised by “Cohesion of Purpose”. Our CoP Culture™ process helps companies to understand and communicate its purpose to the team in a way that is engaging and meaningful. This is based on the company's brand story. Read More…

Creative Thinking – Literally Brilliant helps organisations with creative thinking services. Sometimes organisations are constrained by the inability to think outside of the existing paradigm. Senior management find it hard to think in different or creative ways as a result of their focus on pressing issues and immediate priorities. They identify themselves as being “too close to the business”. Read More…

Channel and Growth Strategies – Literally Brilliant can provide assistance in exploring all of the traditional growth opportunities open to a business: Penetration, New Product Development, Market Extension, Diversification.

Assistance with growth strategies includes top level strategic assistance such as evaluation of alternatives and assistance with risk assessment. Literally Brilliant can also provide implementation assistance such as implementation of NPD processes. Read More…

Marketing Reviews – Literally Brilliant can provide third party assessments on external and internal teams delivering marketing and sales functionality to your business. Read More…

Helping your business to be Literally Brilliant

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Helping your business to be Literally Brilliant

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