We are about taking what can be imagined and making it a reality


Literally Brilliant Pty Ltd is a Marketing and Creative Industries company with three areas of operations: marketing consultancy, creative industry projects and creative thinking. We believe that success comes from sharing brilliant ideas. It forms the heart of our narrative. We create ideas, encourage ideas, test ideas, express ideas and share ideas. Ideas always ultimately trump limitations. That’s why…

We are about taking what can be imagined and making it a reality.



Creative Industry Projects

Literally Brilliant is actively engaged in the commercialisation of creative industry ideas with content publishing partners. Literally Brilliant generates content ideas, undertakes research and drafts conceptual script pointers for film, television and on-line content products at a preliminary pre-production level.

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Creative Thinking

Literally Brilliant helps organisations with creative thinking services.

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Marketing Consulting

Literally Brilliant provides high-level strategic marketing consultancy services. These services are based on broad industry experience and specific proficiency in transferring marketing experience between industries. Literally Brilliant marketing consultancy is not just about helping you to make good decisions about what to do, it’s also about helping you to decide how to do it. Often implementation of marketing strategy is just as difficult as developing strategy and this is where professional support can be of great assistance.

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  • Advertising Agency Pitch Management

  • TenTwoSix© Planning

  • Brand Story Development

  • Ideation

  • Market Research Management

  • Ethereal Strategy Development

  • Sales Channel Strategy Development

  • Marketing Mentoring

We are about taking what can be imagined and making it a reality

& Views

In this section, we will provide you with the latest news about Literally Brilliant, our clients and our projects.

From time to time, we will also publish white papers giving our perspective to a subject of interest.

We are about taking what can be imagined and making it a reality

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