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We help companies to understand what makes them BRILLIANT in the eyes of their customer, to understand what makes them different to their competitors and what really adds value. We help them to articulate their brand promise in a narrative form and then organise their business to deliver that brand promise LITERALLY every day. We call this the LITERALLY BRILLIANT™ Process.

Our process starts with articulating the visionary (Ten Year) goals that the leadership has for the business. We then utilise our TenTwoSix™ model to establish a practical plan to achieve those goals through medium-term (Two Year) objectives and short-term (Six Month) priorities.

We also help the leadership of the business to listen to the narratives surrounding the business – listening to the narrative of the customer/external stakeholders, the narrative of culture (what the staff are really saying) and the narrative of mission (which draws strongly from the visionary goals). We address negative narrative through our “reversals” process, identifying real problems that need to be remediated along the way and detecting issues with communicating value. We consolidate valued narrative into 4 to 6 key ideas that describe what differentiates the business and adds value to the customers – these key messages are our brand values in narrative form.

The process brings the plan and the promise together – making sure the promise is in line with the visionary goals and that the plan ultimately delivers the promise to the customers.

When you have a promise aligned to your plan and a plan to deliver your promise, then your business has genuine purpose.